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About Gemius


Gemius s.r.o. is a part of the largest online research agency providing its services around Europe and outside the continent (in Israel and MENA region) – Gemius SA.


The Company provides professional research, analytical and advisory services to all brand name clients of the online market. We offer a wide range of complex research types, providing data on: the internet users’ behaviour (gemiusTraffic), the internet audience profiles (gemiusProfile) or online advertising campaign effectiveness (gemiusEffect).


Gemius s.r.o., together with the partner agency: Mediaresearch, conducts gemiusAudience research – a standard for audience measurement of the Czech web sites. The study, conducted in the Czech Republic under the NetMonitor name, is a Reach/Frequency audience measurement type of research. It consists in creating and maintaining a panel of the Czech internet users with simultaneous ‘site-centric’  research.


Through our innovative technologies and extensive experience, Gemius guarantees high-value data and analysis at each stage of the research project. In-depth elaborated reports and analysis, we provide accurate, high-quality knowledge about the internet market. Our portfolio includes Czech and international companies.


If you would like additional information on Gemius’ research studies, feel free to contact us.


Our Partner


Mediaresearch is conducting one of the broadest and methodologically the most complex surveys being implemented on the research market, the TV audience monitoring, which is a standard on the Czech market. In cooperation with Gemius s.r.o., Mediaresearch provides to the market NetMonitor - the online audience measurement, which is accepted as a currency by the local Joint Industry Committee – the Internet Advertising Association (SPIR). Simultaneously it does marketing and business support of other Gemius s.r.o. products on the Czech market.